Having a Talbots Moment

Talbots Outlook

Loving Betsy Lowther’s style piece in today’s Express about once-stodgy brands that are now suddenly, and surprisingly, chic. Talbots in particular has really stepped it up, and I can’t believe I’m even typing that because of what my family now calls “a Talbots moment.” It refers to the time when I was shopping with my mom and sister Brenna a few years ago, and we stopped into Talbots because my sister Elizabeth had found a surprisingly cute dress there, so we’re thinking, ‘ok, let’s just see…’ we go in and oh man, it was a sea of awful: pleated chinos with embroidered lifesavers, scene-sweaters, droopy pastel knits. Before we knew it we were competing to find the most hideous thing (“Come look! It’s a sweater with a pearl necklace attached!” “Oh my God, a denim jumper with a Christmas theme! And it’s our lucky day…it’s on SALE!”) and soon enough, we were red-faced and laughing uncontrollably and unable to stop. And had to run out of there because the shop-ladies were giving us nasty looks.

From that moment on, uncontrollable laughing jags, clothing related or not, were referred to as having “a Talbots moment.”

So naturally, I’ve found myself with raised eyebrows on more than one occasion as of late, admiring an item in Lucky magazine, for example, only to then realize that it was Talbots. I’m so glad to see these companies putting out pretty, well-designed, classic and affordable clothes, and in particular I’m loving the longer, ladylike hemlines on these dresses (oh, and this belt and this classic, preppy jacket…). Looks like Talbots is having a moment of its own!


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