Fashion’s Night Out & a Night In.



…with one of the Gaga-meets-Marie-Antoinette-meets-drag queen greeters at the Roche Salon pre party on the Georgetown waterfront.

I think Salons are such a genius place to have a party. If the layout is right, hairwashing basins make most excellent chillers for beer and wine. Since I most unfortunately left my photo card on my desk at home, check out photos from Washingtonian and the Post’s Scene In video covering the event.

I ended the evening with a wonderfully laid-back, candle-lit fashion chat at Proper Topper, where we discussed fall fashion (capes!), vintage circle skirts, and where to score deals (Walker’s tip: look to eBay, but know exactly what you’re looking for, and know your exact size – take notes when window shopping!). Then a few friends and I went to Sarah’s for a wonderfully relaxing and late-night pasta and wine dinner. I find that while I love the splash and flash of an event, I need to balance it with couch time and laughter catching up with good friends.


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